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Hi there,

I am Tyler Norris

An entrepreneur,

a designer,

a product-maker,

a problem-solver,

and all around nice guy.

I enjoy the art of creativity. Creating something from nothing, or improving upon a good foundation is what I enjoy most about Design and Entrepreneurship.

For over two decades I have been an entrepreneur and creative. I thrive on diversity and new challenges. Over the years I've also had the privilege of working with numerous clients. Check out my creative portfolio at I'm also a partner at Stop Branding, a marketing agency that helps clients manage marketing and creative for their businesses.

Recently I was a part of a team that brought Dueling Llamas to market, a new, easy to play card game for all ages, as well as an Expansion Pack. I'm also actively engaged in Mosquito Beads, a new mosquito repellent that's an all-natural and much longer lasting alternative to traditional citronella candles, and Odin's Innovations, creator of scientifically-formulated synthetic scents for the hunting industry. I am also a licensed real estate agent with Beal Real Estate Group working with family and friends in the Wichita area, as well as create 3D renderings for Gravity::Works Architecture.

I’m married, a disciple of Jesus Christ, and gosh darn it, an all around nice guy (don’t hesitate to ask for references!). I'm also the Chairman of the Board for the Branches Pregnancy and Family Center, where I co-founded Great Beginnings Boutique.

I also volunteer my time for local marketing initiatives that help promote and grow my hometown of El Dorado, Kansas.

I occasionally tweet, take photos and am always available to chat.

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