Tyler Norris
El Dorado Kansas

Tyler Norris

Graphic Designer Entrepreneur Photographer Musician Husband Christian Nice Guy
  1. Established in 1982

About Me

I’ve not always been a geek, ya know...

If you were to look back at our family photo albums, you’d see a time when I was tan and always outdoors. But at the age of eight, my parents bought our first computer and I was hooked.

Later in the 90’s, I discovered the internet. My passion for technology kicked up a few notches as I started designing websites, eventually founding my own company. In college, I found a like-minded co-conspirator, and we started a business in Washington, D.C., Pigeon Internet. For the next four years, it allowed me to travel, meet new people and learn about life and business.

By 2005, I was ready to move back to my native midwest, and try my hand at local business. I co-founded PH DesignHouse in El Dorado, KS, and started the journey of trial and error that is the life of a entrepreneur. Through those experiences, I have been able to master the skills necessary to work in any design medium, as well as develop excellent customer relations skills.

I thrive on diversity and new challenges, which is why I'll always be an entrepreneur and enjoy working with like-minded business owners, helping them improve their brand.

I’m married. A disciple of Jesus Christ. And gosh darn it, an all around nice guy (don’t hesitate to ask for references!). I’m also a music lover*, and can be seen in sand traps in area golf courses.

*I’ve also had the privilege of producing an album, check out my work on 3rd Avenue Prayers.

Ready to create something?

Let's chat: tyler@tylernorris.me